Our Mission

4EON is dedicated to ensuring the successful development and implementation of engaging and innovative experiential marketing events for companies and brands/products.

About Us

Having 20+ years experience in marketing

4EON is a leading full-service Experiential Marketing Agency. Our doors opened in 2001 with the desire to provide both businesses and brands with visual merchandising and experiential marketing services that offered more innovative and customer-focused services than were provided. 

From Italy, we made our way to New York City and Miami to grow our company and client portfolio in a variety of locations, sizes and industries including: Fashion, Automotive Media, Music, Health & Wellness, and Food & Beverage. 

We stand by our motto: 
“For Everything or Nothing” . This is our approach to each and every project. 

We believe in pushing boundaries and think outside the box to produce unique experiences that generate the impact each of our clients deserve. Each of our events and projects is approached with the idea that nothing is impossible. 

We’d like to start your project with us